Žički dvor

The hidden space in the middle of the historic part of the city, is the venue for selected events and culinary delights. In the magical atrium of the long-decaying century-old mansion, we are writing a new narrative with carefully planned and selected events that give a new mark to the medieval mansion as well as the city itself. Under the mighty arches and in the atrium of Žički dvor, we organize:

– cultural and entertaining events (Lent Festival, Riverside, September at Žički dvor, etc.),
– exclusive events according to the wishes of the clients,
– weddings (wedding ceremony, banquet and wedding party).

Chefs from Gostilna Maribor and Rožmarin Restaurant complement the events organized at Žički dvor. The top-notch culinary creations spoil even the most demanding flavors, as we leave nothing to chance except the moment of your happiness.

A brief history of the Žički dvor Court
Žički dvor is a medieval building at the Maribor Lent, the medieval part of the city. Until the dissolution of the monastery in 1782 (Josephine Reformation), the court was owned by the Žice Carthusian Monastery – hence its name. It served as a monastery house (curia, hof), and as the economic and administrative center for the Žice estate on Drava Polje, in Maribor and its surroundings, respectively, as well as a trading post. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was transformed into barracks and then into a military court and prisons, together with the Minorite monastery, which today hosts the Maribor Puppet Theater.

After a successful renovation, a part of the Žički dvor  was reawakened. In the past two years, Žički dvor has hosted numerous private and business events, intimate concert events, weddings and cultural events.

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