Gostilna Maribor

Local Cuisine and Dining delights

Have a taste of our genuine Styria cuisine in the Gostilna Maribor restaurant, where you can smell the traditional fare and taste the locally produced food.

You can experience the charms of the new city restaurants through the centuries old walls and under the mighty arches of the house, where a brewery operated from the beginning of the 18th century. The kitchen gives off a pleasant scent of beef soup, fried hen, vinegar meat, traditional buns and goulash, apple strudels and apricot dumplings and other delicacies that bring back the memory of the kitchen of local grandmothers.

With a carefully designed culinary offer at the Gostilna Maribor, foreign guests are served with the gastronomic specialties of Styria, while the locals are spoiled with aromas and scents of homeliness. Gostilna Maribor’s head chef is a renowned Slovenian chef of the younger generation Gregor Jager, who has acquired his cooking knowledge and experience in the most prestigious restaurants in Slovenia and abroad. He spins his wooden spoon with great joy, and nothing can make his day better than smiling and satisfied guests.

For a good start of the day, treat yourself with city breakfast! For a snack or a quick lunch, bite into the crisp roll (crunchy bread bun) filled with freshly roasted beef.  Served with home-made gherkins of course. And for lunch or dinner, have a taste of the Styria »pohana kura« with selected side dishes.

Check it out yourself by enjoying a good lunch and a refreshing drink in the garden overlooking Main Square.

+386 (0)2 23 45 606

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