Hotel Maribor

The Hotel Maribor is situated in the city center on the Glavni trg square. Through the apartment windows, you can see the Kužno znamenje (plague column) that was built by the locals in the 17th century. It now serves as an expression of gratitude at the end of the plague. Next to the statue are the Mestna hiša (city hall), the old Casino, and the University of Maribor. The views over Kalvarija, a wine-growing hill with St. Barbara chapel, and on the Pohorje reveal that Maribor is a green city.

Since Hotel Maribor is located on the main square in Maribor, you are walking distance away from the most important sights.


City of Maribor

The city of Maribor lies along the mighty river Drava in the north-west of Slovenia. On the north, it is surrounded by vineyards bearing witness to the centuries-old vinicultural traditions. On the south it is embraced by the green Pohorje with its skiing resorts, cycle tracks and trekking routes. The heart of the cultural life in the city are the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, the Maribor Art Gallery, the Regional Museum Maribor and the National Liberation Museum, the Synagogue on the Židovski trg square as well as the galleries and art studios worthy to see. The walk on the medieval Lent is magical. Between the Water and Judgement Towers, you will find the oldest vine in the world. The locals are particularly proud of it, and you can taste the local and Slovenian wines in the Hiša stare trte.

Responsible attitude towards the environment also includes the responsible attitude of the hotel to the local community and to the region. Maribor lies in an exceptionally beautiful part of Slovenia and offers great opportunities for shorter and longer walks or trips with bicycles that will remain an unforgettable memory. For example, a local bus (number 6) is driving to the lower station of the Pohorje cable car, which has a stop near our hotel. If you enjoy half-day excursions on foot or on a bicycle, you will be able to see a lot of natural and cultural sights offered by the second largest Slovenian city and its surroundings. A mini electric vehicle, named Maister, is available to visitors of Maribor city centre.

How to reach Hotel Maribor from the main railway station

Hotel Maribor is about 1500 meters away from the main railway station. At the request of our guests, we organize a taxi service from the railway station to the hotel. You can also choose a city bus with a stop in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Maribor. The main bus station is located across the street from the railway station. Bus lines leading to our hotel are no. 3, 15 and 19. It is necessary to leave the bus at the stop Koroška-Poštna, which is only a few meters away from Hotel Maribor.

Maribor is located on the crossroad of transit routes from the Central to the South East Europe and from the West Central Europe to the Pannonian basin. Thus, you can also take shorter trips to the nearby capitals and cities:

  • Vienna = 260 km
  • Zagreb = 120 km
  • Graz = 65 km
  • Ljubljana = 135 km
  • Venice = 360 km
  • Budapest = 340 km

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